5 Inexpensive Places to Stay in Boracay

Aside from travel arrangements, another usual concern when going to Boracay is where to stay during the entire vacation. You might want to stay for a few days in the island without the hassle of paying for too expensive accommodations. Because there are many foreign tourists in Boracay, big-time investors […]

Hvar Travel Guide | Wander With Wonder

Plan a getaway to the Croatian island of Hvar. Beaches, crystal water, and breathtaking sunsets away on this lovely island in the Adriatic. Hvar is the most well-known of Croatia’s islands. It is the fourth largest and longest island in Croatia. This lovely Island is renowned for its sapphire water, […]

Places to visit in Monferrato, Piedmont

Monferrato is a hilly area situated east of Turin in the region of Piedmont. Stretching from the alluvial plains of the Po River to the foothills of the Apennines, Monferrato is divided in two geographical areas: Basso Monferrato (Lower Monferrato) and Alto Monferrato (Upper Monferrato). I was excited as I’d […]