Can a bad review from a host come back to bite you?


Treat any ride-share or property rental as if it's your own car or home and you shouldn't run afoul of your driver or host.

Guest testimonials go equally ways in a sharing economy, and that’s especially legitimate in journey. If you hail an Uber, your driver can amount you. If you keep in an Airbnb, your host can overview you. 

But what you could not know is that much more guests are striving to activity the method to make sure they’re five-star shoppers. The reasons are complicated, ranging from issue for their image to the hope that it will give them an edge when they’re scheduling via a sharing company. 

A host is less likely to say no to a very rated customer in some situation. But a negative score can have an effect on your skill to seek the services of a vehicle or rent a house, as I documented back in 2018.

Getting favourable assessments for your experience or stay isn’t simple. You can request for a ranking or even counsel you’ll go away a constructive evaluate for them if they do likewise. It could not even function, but that just isn’t stopping men and women from seeking.

What to do about your adverse experience-share assessments

Before this year, Uber announced it would permit travellers to see their on the internet grades. “We are demonstrating you the excellent (and the bad) rankings you been given,” Uber wrote in a weblog submit.

Getting your rating is everything but simple. You have to access the Privateness Middle on your Uber app and then discover the “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” tile. Less than “search your info,” you can see it by clicking “Look at my ratings.” 


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