Luxury Cruises On The Mediterranean

A classic Mediterranean cruise visits major port cities located on the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the countries of Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Greece and Turkey and the islands of Malta, Crete and Sicily. Some cruises also include stops in Egypt. The Mediterranean cruise season is April to […]

A Guide to Duty Free Magazines

Airlines can benefit considerably financially from onboard duty free sales. While embedded in-flight entertainment systems are commonly used to inform passengers of what’s available to purchase, there still remains an important role for the printed duty free magazine. Even with great in-flight entertainment available onboard such as movies, TV shows […]

Shopping in Barbados

When they want a break from the beach, many visitors go shopping in Barbados! Barbados has a wide variety of shops, everything from small privately owned craft stores to large multi-national duty free retailers, casual open-air markets to elegant air-conditioned plazas. Jewellery, watches, crystal, cameras, audio and video equipment, and […]

Why is Namibia Never in the News?

Read the following: Food Crisis in Niger, AIDS in Uganda, Somali Journalists Are Assaulted and Jailed, Shaky Rule in Madagascar Threatens Tress. These are the top New York Times news headlines for Africa. Pretty depressing huh? Did you notice that none of them are about Namibia? So why is Namibia […]

The Car Rental Industry

Market Overview The car rental industry is a multi-billion dollar sector of the US economy. The US segment of the industry averages about $18.5 billion in revenue a year. Today, there are approximately 1.9 million rental vehicles that service the US segment of the market. In addition, there are many […]

11 Ways To Organise Your Travel

Travelling is one of my passions. I love meeting new people, seeing how they live and just talking to people from all over the world. It can quickly become overwhelming co-ordinating all the details and organising all your clothes so this is how I organise my travel: 1. Start making […]

Travel Directory Explained!

The Travel Directories are a wonderful tool for travel planning and can often save a lot of time, energy and money if you use them right. For a layman it is just another yellow page directory with the travel related services database with contacts and classified information, but the scope […]

Travel Banner Ads Tips

There is power in travel banner ads and the following tips will help you to harness that power and catapult your business to new heights. There are a lot of methods of developing buzz and hype online especially when you are encouraging customers to try new travel packages. Exploring banner […]

Top Tourist Attractions in Ireland

The most daunting task a tourist might have in Ireland is selecting the attractions to visit. ‘What should I not miss?’ is a question most new tourists ask while traveling Ireland. While there is no single answer to this query as everyone has his/her own list of favorites, we have […]