Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders:  Key Benefits


There are a variety of hydraulic cylinders, with each having distinct functions. One of the significant benefits of utilizing the telescopic hydraulic cylinder is that it has a more lengthy stroke when compared to other designs of cylinders. This type of cylinder is generally utilized to improve the efficiency of […]

St George Island – Happy on Vacation

There’s the sand, the sea, the tranquil atmosphere and the ambiance of a serene life near the beach. For me, there’s no place like St. George Island. I had packed for a week’s vacation and yet when I got there, I wanted to stay longer. What makes this island irresistible? […]

Vacation Rental 1031 Exchange

We are often asked whether tax liability from the sale of a vacation home can be deferred using the procedures of IRC section 1031. The answer to this question is found in Revenue Procedure 2008-16. The general rule for ALL 1031 exchanges is that the property must be held for […]