Design showcase: Top five designs in blue


Our most current collaboration with TOPHOTELDESIGN appears to be like at 5 stand-out qualities distinguished by the color blue.

Blue is a dependable colour. It’s calming, mental and orderly. It is the colour of the sky and sea and this can direct people today to enter a contemplative temper.

An inspirational hue

Just like the ocean can either relaxed us with an countless horizon or threaten us with a thunderstorm, blue can do the very same. Darker hues are ordinarily connected with drama and sophistication although brighter shades take us to quiet coastal paradises.

Several artists, this kind of as Yves Klein who went as far as patenting his possess blue, have expressed their choice for this well-known hue.

Its pigments are charged with background. Ultramarine blue, or “true blue”, manufactured from the gemstone Lapis Lazuli, was after the most sought soon after color in Europe. The gemstone’s price skyrocketed as large as gold and its pigment was reserved for the greatest-funds paintings and their most vital parts, these kinds of as Virgin Mary’s blue veil. Prussian blue, on the other hand, was accidentally learned by mixing the pigments of cochineal bugs with blood.

From Picasso’s blue interval to Hokusai’s Terrific Wave, this pigment has travelled as a result of some of the most critical items of artwork record.

Right now we choose five projects that consist of this iconic colour in their exceptional interiors.

Homeric Poems

Imerovigli, Greece
by Inside Layout Laboratorium



Renon, Italy
by noa* – community of architecture

Imagery: © Alex Filz


Mykonos Grand Hotel & Vacation resort

Mykonos, Greece
by MKV Style and design

Imagery: © John Athimaritis


Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace

Budapest, Hungary
by Richmond Global
Supplied by Hansgrohe


Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento

Sorrento, Italy

Imagery: © Vincenzo Tambasco


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