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Explore Guyana – Mountains of Guyana

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Explore Guyana – Mountains of Guyana

One of the natural land forms that rise above the rest of the land and reach heights that can astound us. Mountains usually tend not to be used for agriculture as the climates and conditions do not favor the same but used more for resource extraction. For adventurers, mountaineers, hikers and trekkers, mountain climbing is a recreational activity that brings a sense of joy and accomplishment in their lives.

Mountain Ranges of Guyana

Here are five of the mountain ranges in Guyana, South America (listed alphabetically):

1. Acarai Mountains

Alternate Name: Akarai Mountains

Location: Southern part of Guyana

The Acarai Mountains are a wet, forested highland region of low mountains. This range lies laterally along shared border between Guyana and Brazil. The Essequibo River (which is the longest river in Guyana) and the Courantyne River, have their sources or headwaters in this range.

2. Eastern Tepuis

Alternate Name: Roraima-IlĂș range

Location: Between the territory of Guayana Esequiba in Guyana, Venezuela and, to a small extent, Brazil

The Eastern Tepuis stretches 60 kilometers with a single major peak, the Uei-tepui.

3. Imataka Mountains

Alternate Name: None

Location: North west of Guyana and North east of Venezuela

The region in which the Imataka Mountains rise are tremendously rich in forest, water and mineral resources like iron and manganese.

4. Kanuku Mountains

Alternate Name: None

Location: The Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region

The name Kanuku means ‘forest’ in the Wapishana language which a reference to the flourishing diversity of wildlife found in this range of mountains which rises to almost 3,000 ft. The Eastern Kanuku Mountains and the Western Kanuku Mountains are divided by the Rupununi River. The prominent species that live in the land of the Kanuku Mountains includes the Giant otter, the Harpy eagle and the Arapaima.

5. Pacaraima Mountains

Alternate Name: Pakaraima Mountains

Location: Southwestern part of Guyana and shares borders with Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela

The Pacaraima range of mountains extends from west to east for over 800 kilometers and forms the partition between the Orinoco Valley to the North and the Amazon Basin to the South. Its highest peak is Mount Roraima at 2,810 meters above sea level, and is the highest peak in Guyana. Many rivers originate in these mountains and as they flow down they plummet spectacularly to form some of the most beautiful waterfalls. The Kaieteur Falls in Guyana is a stunning example.

Guyana is one of the best Tourist Places in South America.

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