Families travel for the holiday weekend despite record high gas prices


SPOKANE, Wash. — As we head into the holiday weekend, many are on the road, despite the rising gas prices. A few miles down the road, Riverside State Park is a destination spot for travelers near and far.

The campsites are sold out for the weekend, and every family we spoke to booked their reservation 9-months ago, the minute the booking system opened. That was before gas prices went sky-high. So as they tell us, they’re just making it work.

“It is what it is. Got to enjoy ourselves while we’re around,” Mark Rogers told us, shrugging off the high gas price.

He and his family have secured the same camp spot for the past 15-20 years because they love just watching the river “flow by.”

His family came from the Tri-Cities, others came from Seattle, and one family made Spokane a stop at the start of their 2-year camping adventure.

“It’s going good so far! Of course, there are always some challenges but it’s about enjoying the journey and overcoming the challenges,” Chris Potter explained.

Potter started his day on the golf course a few minutes up the road. “I just retired about a month ago and we sold everything and hit the road,” he explained.

Even if the gas prices did skyrocket before they hit the road, there was no looking back for him and his wife. “There is nothing to go back to!” he told us, laughing.

This was their first time visiting our region, and they’re glad they made the stop, saying they are thrilled with the area.

Matt, Kira, and Alia Bondurant, who came from Seattle, are also enjoying the new territory and their weekend to-do list is full to the brim with mountain biking, hiking, and exploring.

Every one of these families was taking advantage of the reality they could be in the middle of nature like this, then travel 5-minutes into town to see a play, concert, or get in that round of golf.

While the campsites are full for the weekend, you can still head out there with a day pass for other adventures.

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