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Mayan Expeditions by Special Mayan Tours – Chechen Itza & Ek Balam Private Tour

On our last vacation to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico a few seasons ago, my wife and I had the pleasure of enjoying a full day 🚘 private escorted tour of the – ⚱ Ancient Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and Ek Balam.

Located in 🌴 Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, these Ancient Ruins are not to be missed when visiting!

We had a wonderful day with our personal tour guide (Pepe) and driver, on this amazing journey into a part of Mexico’s incredible history.

First Stop Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

Chichen Itza’s magnificent pyramid

Chichen Itza Pyramid Mexico

After our timely pickup by our driver and guide at our 🏨 hotel in Akumal at about 7:45 in the morning, our drive to Chichen Itza would take about 2 hours, heading inland from the sea.

By leaving bright and early in the 🌅 morning, we would arrive well ahead of the larger 🚍 bus tours also making their way to the site.

The drive was comfortable and passed by very quickly, while getting to know Pepe and his explaining the history of the Mayan Ruins and more.

Monument located in the games arena

Chichen Itza Ruins

This was just one of the great advantages of taking a private individualized tour, then that of the crowded 🚍 bus tours.

We arrived inside the Ruins and as expected, with very little people about at this time of the morning!

Chichen Itza’s historic conservatory

Chichen Itza Ruins Conservatory

Pepe guided us throughout the site, giving us a complete history of the people and their culture along the way.

At each ruin location, our guide explained in detail, what that particular buildings function was at that given time.

Learning about the history as you strolled throughout this Ancient Mayan City, added so much to the tour and that you would certainly miss in larger crowded groups.

It takes a good 2 hours discovering this beautiful seven square mile historic site, which was inhabited for almost 800 years dating back as far as A.D. 432.

Chichen Itza Must Not Be Missed on Your Visit to the Yucatan Peninsula

A spectacular and historic site, that simply must be included in your holiday plans when visiting this beautiful region of Mexico.

Arrive early and beating the heat and crowds as we did, allowd you to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings in the early morning hours.

Second Stop – Ek Balam Mayan Ruins

Our driver and guide Pepe Lopez Jr

Mayan Expeditions Guides

After our informative tour of Chichen Itza, we headed back to our van just as the many bus-loads of visitors had arrived.

It was perfect timing, having beaten the massive crowds arriving, making our visit so much more enjoyable and relaxed!

The Ancient Mayan City of Ek Balam, is just a short distance from our last stop, approximately 56 kilometers.

Ek Balam really is an underrated historical site to say the least, and a much less visited archeological Mayan site.

From the Pre-classic until the Post-classic period, it was the seat of a Mayan kingdom.

Ek Balam’s Main Temple

Ek Balam Mayan Ruins

[color-box]The site is noted for the preservation of the plaster on the tomb of Ukit-Kan-Lek-Tok, a king buried in the side of the largest pyramid[/color-box]

A truly magnificent site, where archeologists have uncovered hidden walls within the outer wall of the main temple of the city.

Revealing absolutely stunning architecture and works of the Mayan people.

Magnificent hidden walls and architecture

Ek Balam Ruins Mexico

You can still climb the steep steps to the top of the main temple, where you can admire the works of the inner walls more closely.

Inside  Ek Balam City

Ek Balam Ruins

As we made our way around the site, our guide Pepe continued to inform us in great detail, the history of the City of Ek Balam.

He outlined its important influence and significance for the people during the Mayan period.

Two magnificent archeological ancient sites that must be seen to truly experience Mexico’s historical past.

Third Stop – Hubiku Mayan Ecopark

Entrance to Hubiku Mayan Ecopark

Hubiku Mayan Ecopark Sign

After hours of strolling the Ruins what a perfect way to beat the midday heat, then to cool off in one of the most beautiful Cenote Cave fresh water pools!

Our next stop was at the lovely 🌴 Hubiku Mayan Ecopark for a refreshing swim and as luck would have it, my wife and I were the only ones there at the time!

Once gain, keeping just ahead of and beating the midday crowds soon to arrive by bus!

Heading down into the Cenote Cave and Pool

Hubiku Ecopark Mexico

A cool, yet refreshing swim in the Cenote leaving your skin smooth and feeling relaxed.

A beautiful fresh water cenote cave pool

Hubiku Mayan Ecopark Cenote Cave

This park offers wonderful newer facilities, complete with dining, snacks and a lovely souvenir store.

So nice to see the gift shop offering more authentic items for purchase, than that of your typical mass produced souvenirs sold by vendors in the tourist zones.

Mayan Expeditions Includes a Visit to an Historical Mexican Town

Wrapping up our wonderful day, we made a brief stop in a typical Mexican historical small city, giving us a glimpse of daily life for the people in the Yucatan Peninsula.

A lovely town and without your typical tourist shops and masses of visitors spoiling the area.

Valladolid Mexico Town Square

Valladolid Mexico

The city’s name is Valladolid and it is the second oldest and largest city in the Yucatan after Merida, the state capital.

It was founded in 1543 by the Spanish Captain – Francisco de Montejo.

Valladolid is a very quaint and beautiful town, with a choice of restaurants offering more traditional – Mayan-Yucatecan cuisine.

This was a superb place to visit, on the way back from any of the nearby Mayan sites visited.

We made a brief stop in a lovely square, with a beautiful ⛪ church just across the street. This historical church dates back to the 1500’s.

Valladolid’s beautiful historic church

Valladolid Historical Church

A Wonderful Day With Mayan Expeditions by Special Mayan Tours

It was dark by the time we arrived back to our hotel, making this a full and complete day.

I can’t stress enough the advantages of taking a small group or private tour, over that of the crowded large bus excursions.

It’s so much more enjoyable and personable, especially if visiting these amazing historical sites in Mexico.

You receive more personalized service, travel in comfortable vans at your own pace and can alter your tour as you wish during the day. 

I do recommend checking out 🌴 Mayan Expeditions, as a wonderful alternative to that of your typical large bus tour.

I’m sure you will also be surprised, at just how competitive the rates are in comparison and the many advantages that go along with a smaller more intimate private tour.

Below, I have listed the official website for this business for your convenience where you can access more complete detailed information on tours, prices and much more!

Special Mayan Tours Logo

🚌   Mayan Expeditions Tours


Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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Although our Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Hubiku Mayan Ecopark Private Tour was in collaboration with Mayan Expeditions, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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“The Mayan Calendar Was Created With The Alignment Of The Stars In Mind.”


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