The Most Affordable Destinations In The World


Who says you have to break the bank to afford luxury travel? From dining at top-tier restaurants to five-star resorts, luxury travel experiences aren’t as unattainable as many may think.

Service comparison site recently analyzed data from the most popular cities in the world and shared the most affordable destinations for travelers who enjoy luxury travel for less.

When compiling data, each city’s average cost of a five-star hotel star, a night at a spa hotel, luxury car service, and Michelin-starred meal was taken into consideration.

Bangkok came in at number one as the most affordable luxury destination. The city received a budget score of 9.49 out of 10. Bangkok is the cheapest city for hiring a luxury car.

Coming in at number two is Brussels, with an average five-star hotel stay of $363 per night. Brussels received a budget score of 8.80 out of 10. Verona, located between Venice and Milan in Italy is the third most affordable luxury destination. The Italian city received a budget score of 7.68 out of 10.

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Here is the full list of the most affordable luxury destinations (all ratings out of 10):

Bangkok, Thailand – 9.49

Brussels, Belgium – 8.8

Verona, Italy – 7.68

Osaka Japan – 7.59

Berlin, Germany – 7.42

Frankfurt, Germany – 7.33

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 6.9

Tokyo, Japan – 6.73

Lisbon, Portugal – 6.47

Dublin, Republic of Ireland – 6.04

Athens, Greece – 5.95

Hong Kong, Hong Kong – 5.95

Munich, Germany – 5.78

Stockholm, Sweden – 5.6

Madrid, Span – 5.52

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 5.35

Barcelona, Spain – 5.09

Vienna, Austria – 4.48

Florence, Italy –  4.48

Nice, France – 3.71

San Francisco, United States – 3.71

Venice, Italy – 3.19

Milan, Italy – 3.19

Rome, Italy – 3.02

Copenhagen, Denmark – 2.85

London, United Kingdom – 2.84

New York City, United States – 1.64

Los Angeles, United States – 1.47

Zürich, Switzerland – 1.46

Paris, France – 1.38


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