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Travel to Bhutan for the Ultimate Vacation Experience

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Travel to Bhutan for the Ultimate Vacation Experience

For those die hard globe trotters for whom the planet has no bounds as well as for those for whom organized travel is synonymous with clockwork precision, a vacation that encompasses travel to Bhutan is a genuine experience of a lifetime.

Nestled in the Himalayan mountain ranges just north east of India, Bhutan is a tiny little kingdom which believes in taking care of its own people, its tourists, and most importantly, its environment. Projects, expansion plans and futuristic programs that have the potential of tampering with the nation’s eco system are rarely approved by the country’s government which guards the country’s eco balance like an alert mountain tigress. It is no wonder that environmentalists and nature lovers travel to Bhutan in droves every year year after year. Many of them even serve as ombudsmen of the wild, policing the pristine flora and fauna of Bhutan as volunteers and members of environmental mission groups.

Why Travel to Bhutan
So what is it about Bhutan that makes it such a wonderful and soothing travel experience for thousands each year? It is hard to describe the “Bhutan Phenomenon” and is therefore best experienced in person. However, we have a short list to get you started:

Bhutan Treks

Many outdoor enthusiasts travel to Bhutan each year as members of organized treks. Several tour operators like us offer amazing Bhutan trek itineraries that vary in their challenge levels. Those who have been on them tell us that participating in a Bhutan trek is an experience too heavenly for words to describe.

Bhutan Art Craft and Culture

If you aren’t an outdoors person and would much rather travel to Bhutan to rest, relax and indulge in some sight-seeing, there is tons for you to do and keep yourself busy. Visit the Arts and Crafts Museum in Thimphu and while you are there, check out the Textile Museum next door. You can also visit the world famous Painting School in Thimphu and engage in a discussion about art with the school’s students and faculty who welcome art connoisseurs from all continents.

Shopping in Bhutan

Bhutan is a treasure trove of hand-made artifacts, decoration pieces, handmade paper products, earthenware, traditional fabric-the list is endless. If you would like to get away from the mall culture which has taken the world by storm, simply travel to Bhutan and experience shopping in its true ethnic colors. Book your Bhutan vacation through us at a highly affordable price and we will include a trip to a weekly market simply for the asking. You will get to speak with the artisans and vendors directly (through translators of course) and haggle in perfect harmony with the ambience and the surroundings. You will even be cheered by Bhutanese onlookers many of whom will even help you get you to a point where the price is right. It is all in good fun and merry spirits.

So the next time you have some spare change for a wonderful vacation with plenty of bells and whistles to boot, why not travel to Bhutan and experience a world replete with happiness.

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