Trip Wi-Fi networks could cause some vulnerabilities

Q: We came to Destin, and had been employing Wi-Fi from a rental building (every apartment device has possess router, all have exact same password). My hubby discovered a person “took more than” his computer, frequented distinctive websites, and so on. We actually saw the cursor transfer, and so on. My partner hooked up with a VPN, and imagined we had solved the challenge, but it transpired once again right now. Any ideas? How do we get rid of this “hacker?”

Barbara V., Destin

A: Wow, Barbara! To basically witness an assault in development have to have been unpleasant, to say the the very least. But the point that you essentially saw the activity on your screen — including the motion of your mouse cursor — is rather telling in this situation. I’ll get there, but I require to clarify a couple matters so that all my other viewers fully grasp what we’re conversing about.

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