Where Can I Find Direction When Traveling?

Nothing beats that intuitive sense that says, “I know exactly where I’m going.” Unfortunately, we are simply not programmable, as robots are. We cannot just download directions into our brains to be stored forever, so we rely on maps. Over the years, mapping has become so much more than just […]

Barbados Real Estate

After a few days in Barbados, many visitor’s thoughts turn to the idea of staying here permanently. Although covering an area of only 166 square miles Barbados real estate has some of the most magnificent properties to be found anywhere. From a seventeenth century plantation house to brand new luxury […]

Can Changes Be Made Once Insurance Been Purchased?

The simple answer is YES. Clients can make changes once they purchase travel insurance. It is usual for insurance companies to allow their customers to make necessary changes after a successful buy. However, there are cases when some companies become selective in what details they allow for modifications. Oftentimes, people […]