A Guide to Duty Free Magazines

Airlines can benefit considerably financially from onboard duty free sales. While embedded in-flight entertainment systems are commonly used to inform passengers of what’s available to purchase, there still remains an important role for the printed duty free magazine. Even with great in-flight entertainment available onboard such as movies, TV shows […]

Shopping in Barbados

When they want a break from the beach, many visitors go shopping in Barbados! Barbados has a wide variety of shops, everything from small privately owned craft stores to large multi-national duty free retailers, casual open-air markets to elegant air-conditioned plazas. Jewellery, watches, crystal, cameras, audio and video equipment, and […]

Why is Namibia Never in the News?

Read the following: Food Crisis in Niger, AIDS in Uganda, Somali Journalists Are Assaulted and Jailed, Shaky Rule in Madagascar Threatens Tress. These are the top New York Times news headlines for Africa. Pretty depressing huh? Did you notice that none of them are about Namibia? So why is Namibia […]