25 top items for your Europe packing list for summer 2022


This summer it seems like everyone and their mother is packing their bags to flock across the sea for an escape to Europe.

The trend, dubbed “revenge travel,” comes as countries have loosed there COVID-19 travel restrictions and opened back up to tourists. Allianz Partners analyzed more than 40,000 trip itineraries planned for this summer and concluded that American travel to Europe will jump 600% from last year.

Between weather shocks, economic trends, and a potential energy crises, it will be especially important for travelers to plan and pack accordingly.

Southeast Europe continues to face record-breaking heatwaves, with advisories to avoid direct sunlight in countries including Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Meanwhile, Western Europe has experienced unprecedented rainfall and devastating floods.

Also important to note, is that the euro and dollar exchange rate has reached parity for the first time in two decades. This development comes as inflation skyrockets in America, and Europe faces an energy crises sparked by sanctions from Russia following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

What does all this mean for travelers? In addition to considering all the stylish outfits you can’t wait to put on, tourists should also come prepared with weather-ready clothing and emergency items. Americans might also throw in some savvy, storage devices since dollars will now go further when shopping abroad. Read up on all our advice for what to put in your suitcase as you plan your next trip:

  1. Women’s Style
  2. Men’s Style
  3. Electronic Devices
  4. Travel Essentials
  5. Emergency Items

Women’s Style

1. Revolve Ready or Yacht Dress, $63, Original Price: 83$

Revolve white maxi dress

It’s time to ditch the workout out clothes and stained sweatpants.

If you want to fit in with the Europeans, you will need to elevate your style. Fortunately, maxi dresses are as comfortable as they are elegant. Just imagine yourself strutting along against the cobblestone streets in this show-stopper. Need more inspiration? Check out our roundup on the best linen dresses to choose from.

2. Anthropologie Woven Crossbody Bag, $88

Anthropologie woven bag

When traveling abroad, it’s always smart to stick with bags that zip up.

You won’t be fooled as a naive tourist with this fashionable and super secure woven crossbody bag. This bag has not one, but two inner zip pockets. Plus, the woven material is sleek and chic, and will fit all your travel goodies.

3. Banana Republic Oversized Cotton Shirt, $32, Original Price: $65

Banana Republic

For 50% off, this staple collard shirt is a a must-have for your trip.

This 100% cotton long sleeve is great for sun protection, but lightweight enough so you can still enjoy the breeze. The classic point collar, cuffed sleeves, and button front closure screams effortlessly European.

4. Steve Madden Donddi Tan Leather Sandals, $55

Steve Madden tan Sandal
Steve Madden

These perfectly tanned summer sandals need to make an appearance on your trip.

Steve Madden knows how to make quality shoes and this pair is practically a steal for just $55. The simple design boasts a wide strap across vamp and adjustable ankle strap for ultimate comfort. Pair them with that maxi dress and you will certainly blend in with the locals.

5. Free People Lotus Paisley Print Bandana, $28

Free People bandana on model
Free People

This multi-function printed banana is the accessory you need for your vacation fit.

Take inspiration from the French girls, and bolden your look with an embellished bandana. Tie your hair back, use it as a tube top, or wrap it around your purse. Pick it out in one of the six paisley prints from Free People.

Men’s Style

1. Vineyard Vines Men’s 9″ Inch Stretch Breaker Shorts, $44, Original Price: $70

vinyard vines men's shorts in tan.
Vinyard Vines

Sorry boys, the basketball shorts are not going to cut it for this trip.

As Vineyard Vines says, “keep all of the tried-and-true style of a pair of classic chinos, with the added stretch and out-of-the-box comfort.” Between khaki, navy, and jetty red, you’re sure to find a shade that suits you or just snatch up one of each and you’re set.

2. Bonobos Stretch Pique Polo, $49, Original Price: $69

model wearing bonobos polo shirt.

This wife-approved Bonobos polo will be sure to keep you out of trouble.

Between the stretch pique fabric and anti-odor, moisture-wicking finish you can rest easy knowing you will stay fresh and sweat-free. As one review reads, “Wife loves it, kids love it, and it fits great.” Happy wife, happy life, right?

3. Cole Haan Wyatt Penny Driver, $90, original Price: $160

penny drivers from Cole Haan.
Cole Haan

Being on your feet all day means you’re going to need a pair of sturdy penny drivers.

European fashion is all about casual-cool, and these Penny Drivers make it look you’re not even trying. Between the leather uppers and textile lined footbed, you have all the right details in all the right places.

Electronic Devices

1. European Travel Plug Adapter, $14

travel adapter from Amazon

Listen to your mom and always bring an adapter!

If you’re traveling across many countries, you will be faced with many different outlets. This adapter is convertible for Germany, Italy, Greece, Iceland, Finland, France, Spain, Denmark, and more. At just $14, you’re making a great investment.

2. Anker Portable Charger, $22

Anker portable charger

There’s nothing as stressful as running around a new city looking for an outlet.

Some people want to stay off their phones during vacation, but with these turbulent times it’s probably a good idea to at least your cell powered on. This portable charger will surely come in handy on a long day.

3. Samsonite Manual Scale, $13

baggage scale

With the favorable exchange rate, you’re sure to snatch up some great deals in Europe.

All that shopping has to go somewhere. This pocket-sized manual scale is super helpful in order to make sure you’re not exceeding the checked-bag weight limit.

4. Kindle Paperwhite, $145

Kindle paperwhite

it’s time to sit back, relax, and read your favorite summer novel.

It can be tempting to throw all the books you’ve been putting off reading in to your bag, but that will surely add to your luggage weight limit. Why not just go paperless? Kindle’s are the perfect vacation buddies, making reading much easier and more environmentally-friendly.

5. Soundcore Earbuds True Wireless Headphones, $60

black wireless heaphones

Block out the background noise with these wireless headphones.

Maybe you just want to relax to some tunes to pass the time on that long flight. But, let’s face it, it’s difficult to leave work behind. If you’re going to be taking any calls while on vacation, these noise-cancelling headphones will make it much easier to do so.

Travel Essentials

1. Sun Bum Day Tripper, $20

sun bum travel kit
Ulta Beauty

SunBum sunscreen is dermatologist and Sonny approved, delivery UV protection and packed with Vitamin E. This travel kit has everything you need to make sure you and your family are protected during the heat waves.

2. Hydro Flask 20 oz Wide Mouth, $33

green hydroflask water bottle

Drink the coolaid and join the Hydro Flask cult this summer.

Between all the sightseeing and glasses of wine, you’re going to want to stay hydrated during your travels. Hydroflasks feature professional-grade stainless steel so your water stays cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12.

3. Vera Mini Bradly Sling Backpack, $50

Vera Bradley sling backpack
vera Bradley

Say goodbye to soar shoulders with this sling backpack.

Sling backpacks are all the rage among travelers, and this one can be worn crossbody or as a belt bag. Plus, it is sustainably sourced using recycled plastic water bottles. Like many Vera Bradley products, you can choose from various prints and colors.

Emergency Items

1. Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose Portable Compact First Aid Kit, $20

Johnson and Johnson First aid kit
Rite Aid

Always be ready for an emergency with this Johnson & Johnson all-purpose First Aid kit.

This portable emergency kit contains all the essential first aid supplies you can think of including cleansing wipes, gauze pads, assorted bandages, rolled gauze, antibiotic cream, itch stopping cream, acetaminophen caplets, an instant cold pack, and more. 

2. Titanium Emergency Whistle, $16

titanium emergency whistle

Traveling solo? This tiny tool could save your life.

This emergency whistle is highly portable and will fit perfectly on your keychain, necklace or backpack. It’s also loud enough to be heard from long distances.

3. Ozark Trail Emergency Poncho, $9

emergency poncho 10-pack

Be prepared for sudden showers with these emergency ponchos.

With the unpredictable weather trends, packing some emergency rain ponchos is a great idea. These ponchos have a one-size-fits-most design and are water-resistant and PVC free. Buy them in a 10-pack to make sure the entire family is covered.

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