Barbados Island 101

The choices of hotels in Barbados are numerous that many find it very difficult to choose. Traveling to Barbados for the first time can be conjuring a lot of questions to one’s mind if they indeed made the right choice. Well of course you did. Every hotel in Barbados has years of experience catering to all types of traveler. Bear in mind that in order to stretch your budget, you can always stay at a modest accommodation, say from 1 to 3 star hotels. Most of these hotels are found on the South Coast while the eastern and western coast has some of the best hotels in Barbados. 4 to 5 star hotels comes complete with a private balcony, Italian fixtures, imported luxurious bed sheets and all the standard refinements you can expect.

When you intend to travel but allowed yourself a limited budget, don’t despair because you will always have a comfortable accommodation from $125 down to $30 per night. Everything may not be cheap in Barbados but it’s worth every penny and besides, you do not get to go to Barbados anytime you please. Travelling to Barbados takes planning so book well in advance so that you can get the lowest deal notwithstanding the peak season. Some practical travellers choose from among the cheapest accommodations to maximize vacation time in Barbados. Some would stay from a week to a month, and sometime even longer. Besides who would want to leave the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?

Barbados is just drop dead beautiful. Situated between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, it was once a British colony and now the glorious past and splendour of the English is evident. The remnants of the English rule are still evident, with the old government buildings, sugarcane plantations and the mansions. Known as little England, many of the façade is strikingly English, even the hotels borrowed the architectural designs from its former colonizers. Visit the museum; it is a gruesome testament of the past and a way to know the culture of Barbados. Barbados though a tiny island is well developed and has adapted to the modern world’s needs yet provides a romantic atmosphere that is uniquely Barbadian. There are more than fine sand beaches, sun and beautiful sunsets. Barbados has a unique culture and topography. You can surf, trudge, windsurf, parasail, hire a boat and head to the smaller cluster of islands and sip champagne on the catamaran.

Take your family when you come to Barbados and witness the colourful and pulsating beat of the Carnival. You can choose a hotel that welcomes families and ask if they have all inclusive offers. Your family will have a blast. Barbados is unique, beautiful and welcoming which is also a very romantic spot for honeymooners. The people are warm and the hotels are divine. Plan your trip carefully and have a really great time.

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