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Cruise Ships: 5 Reasons the SeaDream Yacht Is One of the Best

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ForbesLife travel magazine recently designated the SeaDream Yacht as the best luxury level small cabin ship cruise line of 2015.

The year has hardly begun, and this little cruise company has already stolen the prize. It’s smaller size is a comfort to many travelers, and the company doesn’t sell you short on your experience.With upgrades and an exceptionally-professional crew, she looks to take and keep the prize for years to come.

We suppose that there were many contenders and that there are many other top-quality small cruise lines operating out there, but here are five good reasons why the SeaDream Yacht is one of the very best.

1. SeaDream Takes You Places Bigger Cruise Ships Can’t Go.

A Sleek Cabin Ship Cruise

For SeaDream’s Caribbean trips, you fly into the much-used airport on St. Thomas and take off from there. You visit popular spots like Anguilla and Virgin Gorda, but you also get a taste of some smaller ports that are only accessible to smaller vessels.This makes the experience more unique, and you will be surprised at how much those less-traveled ports have to offer.

You will anchor in quaint little coves that none of the larger cruise ships would be able to safely approach.You will visit small bays and tiny isles that few ever lay their eyes on. It almost has the feel of a private tour.

No wonder SeaDream’s motto is: “It’s not cruising, it’s yachting.” On the SeaDream, you will dream good dreams at night – and live them out the following day.

2. The On-Board Cuisine Ranks as Truly Gourmet.

Some cruise ships make you wait in long buffet lines only to watch as the shrimp supply, which wasn’t that special to begin with, was finished off by the person just ahead of you in line.

No need to fret, however; there are plenty more delectable dishes from which to choose. Truly, the SeaDream Yacht gives you a totally different experience. Each morning begins with the friendly wait staff bringing you your coffee and greeting you by name.You’ll get to know them well during the trip – or not, if you prefer to keep to yourself.

The menu is like that of a gourmet restaurant, and the presentation is done with flair. Lobster, steak, and a long list of delicacies is offered every day. One aspect of SeaDream’s eating experience is “top-end” in another sense as well.Topside Restaurant – the actual name – is located on the ship’s roof. From there, you can get a wonderful view of your surroundings, or even dine under the starlight sky.

3. The On-Board Bar Is Second to None

A full-service bar, including fine wines and cocktails, is part of the ship’s infrastructure. The barroom is as exquisitely designed as it is well-stocked, and no one will be disappointed. The ship also has a number of other amenities, like a mini casino, health spa, library, etc.

4. SeaDream’s Staff Literally Waits on You Hand and Foot.

With 95 crew members waiting on only 56 couples, a nearly a one-on-one ratio, you get a lot more attention from the staff than on most cruise ships. They are always ready to assist you. They even will take you on shore for sightseeing, dining, shopping, or other excursions.

They also organize the traditional beach party on White Bay at Jost Van Dyke. There you will be able to swim in the warm Caribbean waters, barbecue, feast, play water sports, kayak, and more. On the other hand, you just opt to relax in your hammock under a shady palm tree.

5. The SeaDream Is Smaller and More Intimate Than Most Cruise Ships

Most cruise ships are utterly packed with passengers, incredibly noisy, and far too “public.” With SeaDream, everything is smaller-scale, making it easier to learn the names of fellow passengers and actually make some friends.

While the cruise ship cabins are not extremely large, they are cozy and quite adequate.You may not want to stay all day in these small rooms, but that gives all the more reason to get out and enjoy the ship and its surroundings. And that is, after all, why you came on this cruise to begin with.

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