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Fun Water Activities in Barbados

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The world is experiencing El Nino and this phenomenon is expected to continue, which means summer will be a lot hotter than usual and what way to beat the summer heat? Swimming and basking into the cool waters of a tropical isle. If you are planning to go the Caribbean, a nice warm and cozy West Indian continental-island is ideal for some summer fun water activities and it is waiting for you. So look for affordable Barbados travel already and get ready to jump in the cool relaxing waters of the island.

The country has a strong British influence which is why neighboring countries called it: “Little England”. You can get to this tropical paradise either by air or by ship. You can choose from a number of regional and international carriers like: Caribbean Airways, Britsh Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, WestJet, American Airlines, US Airways, American eagle and Air Jamaica. There are also charter airlines that run services seasonally. The travel time ranges from 3 and half hours to a grueling 9 hours flight, depending on where you are coming from. You will arrive to Barbados Grantley Adams international Airport located in the parish of Christ Church. If traveling by ship is what you want, there is an international deep water harbor located at Bridgetown.

There are many fun things to do in “Little England”, people to meet, places to visit, food to eat and beaches to swim, surf and enjoy. There are many beaches in the tropical island: a Speightstown beach, Accra, Crane is few of the beaches you can visit and enjoy. There are two boardwalks where tourists can enjoy an afternoon stroll and take pleasure in viewing the beautiful sunset. Since the island’s east coast face the Atlantic Ocean, surfers can have some light surfing, however surfers are still prohibited from other areas because of under-tow currents. The Caribbean island is also an ideal place for scuba-diving, tourists can get pleasure from close encounter with the marine creatures of the sea. Tourists and visitors also have the option of seeing the beauty of the ocean by riding a submarine. Atlantis Submarines can take anyone on special trip under the sea, a must experience for anyone who are visiting the country.

After a day’s traveling and fun activities tourists can indulge in the many festive seafood dishes of Barbados. Deep fried flying fish fillet sandwich and Cod fish cakes are few of the seafood delicacies the country. It is a perfect meal for anyone who is looking for something tasty to eat. Foreign visitors can relax and rest easy since there are also 5 star hotels which offer world class service and accommodation they can choose from. Not to mention that there are a lot of tropical sites that you can go to when you want to quench your summer thirst. So if you want to beat the summer heat and have a fun filled vacation, look for affordable Barbados travel, set sail for the serene and relaxing beaches of “Little England”.

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