LA’s favorite bachelor roams Griffith Park. But for how much longer?


P-22, the elusive cougar which is captured the hearts of Angelenos, has attained the ripe aged age of 12. He built Griffith Park his home about a ten years ago, but how a great deal lengthier will he be about? And will he ever uncover a mate? 

“I like to contact him the Brad Pitt of the cougar planet due to the fact, like Brad, he’s aged perfectly. We all adore him,” claims Bett Pratt, the California director of the Nationwide Wildlife Federation. 

Nevertheless, he factors out, “[12-years-old] is on the superior conclusion or the complete limit … of what mountain lions in the wild are living to.”

Most male cougars from the Santa Monica mountains don’t stay earlier the age of 2. Quite a few die from rat poison or collisions with vehicles. 

“It’s not just an LA difficulty and it really is not just a California trouble. Animals having hit by autos is a throughout the world dilemma on a scale that I don’t consider we assume about as well a lot,” Pratt explains. “We’ve lost 26 cats in 20 many years. When you happen to be talking only a inhabitants [that] at any one particular time has an approximated 10 to 12  — that’s a lot of cats.” 

To secure mountains lions in LA, wildlife advocates are investing in freeway crossings, like the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing. Its construction broke ground in April and is anticipated to be completed by 2025. 

So will P-22 at any time find adore? Pratt states it’s extremely not likely for a woman mountain lion to travel the distance needed to make it to Griffith Park. 

“That P-22 made it to Griffith Park, that he’s remained there in a extremely modest habitat — it’s the smallest habitat at any time recorded by science for a male mountain lion — is astounding in by itself. … [Females] tend not to journey as far as males to disperse,” Pratt notes.   

When P-22’s demise last but not least will come, Pratt states it’ll be a working day of mourning and remembrance. 

“He has been a cat that has inspired us, that is beloved,” Pratt suggests. “For him, it will be a celebration of lifestyle. It’ll be an LA-design and style celebration to rejoice that cat, but ideally it nevertheless will be a number of yrs off.”


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