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Last Minute Details to Prepare For Your Missions Trip

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Last Minute Details to Prepare For Your Missions Trip

When taking an international missions trip, you will want to make sure that you have taken care of some very important last minute details. Here are a few helpful steps for preparing yourself for your missions trip before your departure.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you have at least 2 copies of your passport in case your original is lost. Storing one of the copies in your checked baggage is a very good idea.
2. Purchase a secure silk money belt for your travel which can be hidden under your clothes for safety. The silk material is very nice as it allows your skin to breathe which is very important when traveling for a long time in the airplane.
3. Taking a baby aspirin during your travel is a good idea when sitting long hours on the plane to help with the risk of blood clots (make sure you check with your doctor about medications.)
4. Make sure that you remind yourself to take small walks during safe walking times while in the air to help with the risk of blood clots as well from sitting in one position where blood can pool.
5. Make sure you have an electricity converter so that you can plug your appliances into an outlet.
6. Check to find out what Immunizations are needed by contacting the CDC website.
7. Check the weather where you are traveling to pack appropriate clothes for the season.
8. Bug Spray (Including DEET) is recommended for travel into areas with mosquitoes to help prevent malaria from bites.
9. Good shoes for walking in the airports and working on the mission field are a must!
10. Check Baggage Limits with the airline to make sure that you don’t have to pay extra for bags over the limits.
11. Make sure you have purchased trip insurance from a reliable source.
12. Bring Cash Money with you on your trip in large bills with newer dates. Banks in Africa will not take small bills less than 50 USD.
13. Bring toiletries in carry on baggage using the new regulations for carry on liquids. (Treat carry on bag as survival bag in case checked bags are lost during your flight. You will want to make sure contact lenses, solutions, and medications are in carry on bag.)
14. Reconfirm your flights 72 hours prior to departure with the airline.

I hope that you take time to make sure that all of these details have been taken care of! We pray that this will help to equip you for your next missions trip!

Also, keep in mind that seeking the LORD is the most important step! Make sure that before all else, you have allowed the LORD to work in your own heart to prepare you… the rest will fall into place as you desire to walk in His wisdom.

Safe Travels,

Tabitha L, International Travel Manager and Licensed Nurse
Adoption Airfare Owner

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