‘Looking Blackwards’ speak collection strives to recover historic trauma

When Black migrants came to Phoenix from the South, there was mostly a barren swath of land. Segregation was still in place, but from the vacant desert, these migrants designed a flourishing Black local community that supported their wants and raised changemakers in politics, small business and training. 

When making an attempt to understand the scope of the Black encounter in south Phoenix, a single have to go again to the American South, and to Africa just before slave ships arrived ashore in Jamestown, Virginia just before the United States bought its name.

That is the crux of a new 5-element communicate series “Seeking Blackwards Into the Potential” put on by the South Mountain Operates coalition, a team of community leaders and inhabitants partnering to avoid youth compound use. The collection examines how generational trauma and resilience styles the modern-day encounters of Black citizens in south Phoenix.

Its very first session of the Hunting Blackwards series, which can take spot 5 p.m. Feb. 3 on Fb Live on the South Mountain Performs Fb website page, is an oral historical past of Black south Phoenix.

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