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Nainital Corbett Biking Trip

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When it comes to exploring Himalayas, most of us like to go for trekking. However, that is not the only way to scale the distances around the Himalayan Mountains; Mountain biking is also a great choice. This sport isn’t as popular in India as in the western countries. Nonetheless, it is gradually, but surely catching up.

Exploring Himalaya on your bike is a whole new experience altogether. Biking is an adventure sport and the Himalayan terrains provide abundant opportunities to those who wish to get the adrenaline gushing through their veins. Himalayas span across many countries, but India gets the biggest share of it and the best one too. There are long stretches of plains where the bikers can ride casually and easily. At the same time, there are the steep climbs which give the thrill the bikers are looking for.

Go for Nainital Corbett Biking Trip

There are many mountain biking treks in Himalayas. However, if you are a beginner, you would like to consider Nainital Corbett Mountain Biking trek. During the trek you will see some of the most incredible views quintessential to Uttarakhand. The trekking route is not exactly very easy. In fact, most who have been there find it quite challenging at certain points. But for the most part, it is easy to moderate. There are times when you will just sail through the plains with the gentle wind blowing across your face. But, there will be climbs and ascents that will truly test your endurance and will.

Trip Overview

The trip could take up to 7 days depending upon your personal stamina and the itinerary. The itinerary comes into picture when you have opted for a mountain biking trekking package for this trip. In that case, you will be accompanied by other bikers and, there is a fair chance, there will also be a guide.

The base camp is usually at Pangot, which is approximately 2 hours drive from Kathgodam. If you have a package, you will be picked up from the Kathgodam railway station and driven to Pangot. At the base camp you will get to meet the leader of the biking trek, who will also be your guide. The orientation will be completed at the base camp. Also, your bike will be checked to make sure that it is in the best condition to endure tough terrains of the Himalayas.

Remember that most of the MTB packages do not include the bicycle renting. You are recommended to bring your own bike which is meant for mountain biking. But, the bikes are also available for rent. You may have to pay anywhere between 5,000 to 10, 00 as rent for the bike for the trip. It is best to buy your own bike and ride it regularly to get a hang of it. Also, in case you plan to bike trip regularly, owning a bike would be cheaper.

You can go solo if you like that. However, it could be a risky, especially if you do not have any prior experience of mountain biking.

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