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The Best Place for Honeymoon in Nigeria

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honeymoon in nigeria

If you are looking for the best place for a Honeymoon in Nigeria, this post is for you. Ever wondered if Nigeria has amazing places where you can spend your honeymoon? I mean incredible honeymoon destinations in Nigeria where you can spend quality time with your lover.

Memories made during honeymoon are highly cherished and we all want to have that experience. This is the time when newlyweds can have a romantic moment with each other. This article will show the best honeymoon destinations that you can visit on a budget.

Factors To Consider When Looking out for The Best Place For Honeymoon in Nigeria

When looking for the best honeymoon spots in Nigeria with glamorous sceneries and breathtaking views. There are some factors to consider when choosing a honeymoon spot.

  • Budget: Budget is one of the first factors to consider when choosing a honeymoon spot in Nigeria. You must first consider the cost attached before you can settle for a destination. Some destinations are affordable while others are much more expensive
  • Security: Another important factor to consider when choosing a honeymoon spot in Nigeria is security. You must ensure the location is secured and provide 24 hours security around the facility. In addition, you must also ensure that the environment is safe and secure.
  • Season: You should also consider peak or off-peak seasons. During peak periods most honeymoon destinations are to be highly-priced and cheaper during off peaks.
  • Amenities: You should also consider the amenities available at the resort. Some resorts have few amenities while some are facilities packed.
  • Weather: Some resorts are located in temperate regions while some are in cold regions. Always ensure you select resorts that offer the best weather condition. Also, you must consider the rainy seasons.
  • Privacy: This is another factor to consider when choosing a resort. A resort should provide enough privacy for lovers to have fun and not feel like they are being monitored.
  • Proximity: When choosing a resort, you must consider proximity to the city. Some resorts are within close distance from the city. While some are several hours’ drive from the city. This is another factor to consider when choosing a resort.
  • Accessibility: You must consider the accessibility of the honeymoon destination. Some spots are not accessible by road, others are accessible by land. Some resorts are located in a remote areas with bad rugged roads while some are easily accessible.
  • Serenity: This is another factor to consider, some resorts offer a peaceful, quiet and serene environment. This is another important factor you must consider.
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Top Honeymoon destinations in Nigeria

Just in case you ever thought that there are no lovely resorts in Nigeria. We are about to blow your mind with some exotic honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. Let us serve you some “made in Naija” honeymoon destinations, here we go;

Sencillo Beach House, Lagos

Sencillo Beach house is one of the best places for a honeymoon in Nigeria. It is one of the best-kept secrets in Nigeria. Sencillo is one of the fascinating places to visit in Lagos for a honeymoon. Sencillo is a beach house located on Ilashe Private beach. A beautiful and serene island off the coast of Lagos lagoon. It is about thirty minutes boat ride from the famous Victoria Island in Lagos. To access Sencillo directly from Victoria Island, there is a need for a boat ride. Afterwards, you can now take a quad bike from the jetty to the beach house. In less than five minutes you should arrive at your honeymoon destination.
Scencillo is a three-bedroom beach house that provides all the space you need for a romantic honeymoon, private gathering or beach party.

sencillo honeymoon spots in nigeria The Best Place for Honeymoon in Nigeria

This entire space is painted white to give you a touch of class. Everyone deserves better and that is the idea behind Sencillo. If you are looking for an abroad-like honeymoon destination, this is one of the places to consider.
For couples seeking privacy, that is one of the things a honeymoon destination should be about. Sencillo has got you covered.
The private beach and lounge facility can be accessed anytime during your stay. You can therefore decide to prepare for an unforgettable beach affair with your darling.
To add to the above, see the impressive features that Sencillo has to offer;


Facilities At Sencillo

  • Jacuzzi
  • Swimming pool
  • Private lounge
  • Volleyball area
  • Ping pong table
  • Dining amenities
  • Dance pole
  • Uninterrupted electricity
  • Outdoor surround speakers
  • Sunbeds
  • Internet
  • Pool table

This top-class honeymoon destination gives you a feel of home, away from the wedding vibes. All of the features are exactly what you need to have a great time in the arms of your lover.
The cost of Sencillo ranges between 750,000 and 1,250,000 Naira per night.
Being a beach house, it is a comfortable spot for couples seeking time out to solidify their union.

Epe Resort and Spa

Epe Resort and Spa is also one of the best places for a honeymoon in Nigeria. Having won the traveller’s choice award in 2018, Epe Resorts have lived up to standard for years. This resort is situated in the Epe area of Lagos State, far from the hustle and bustle of Lagos. It is an hour’s drive from Lekki phase 1. Epe Resort and Spa has been the perfect honeymoon destination for years. To secure a spot in this 40-room resort, you need to make at least 48 hours in advance during offpeak and two months reservation during the peak period.

epe resort and spa honeymoon spots in nigeria

In 2022, a room at the resort varies from between 50,000 to 100,000 Naira per night. This is dependent on your allotment and the class of room you choose. The spa section provides deep massage therapy that soothes your nerves and muscles. What a great way to relax after the stress of planning for your big day! The beauty of it all is that you have access to free WiFi, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a tennis court and a dining area.

It provides a lovely indoor and outdoor restaurant. It is time to get dressed and have an amazing dinner date with your spouse. You can relive your first time out together at Epe Resort and Spa.
Furthermore, what more can you ask for because the interesting information is that you also get a free buffet breakfast. Incredible! Now, you can sleep and wake up to the thoughts of breakfast in bed during your honeymoon. Epe Resorts and Spa also gives you an exciting night experience.
In clear words, you can feel at home with a portion of barbecue grills and chilled drinks at the bar located by the pool or at the rooftop bar.

Facilities Available At Epe Resort

Other bonuses at the Epe Resort and Spa for your luxurious time out are:

  • Tea/coffee makers in every room
  • Exquisite bathrooms
  • Laundry services
  • Parking space
  • Comfortable beds
  • Gardens
  • Pool umbrellas
  • Playground
  • Multilingual staff
  • Swimming Pool

I will personally recommend Epe Resort and Spa as a honeymoon destination. It is tastefully built to perfection with beautiful finishings. This is for lovebirds seeking to recreate their love story one more time.

Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort, Akwa Ibom

Having your honeymoon experience away from Lagos is a great concept. We have decided to switch it up a little by diving into the ultimate Nigeria tour. Just a little something to spice up your honeymoon. This is also for those outside Nigeria seeking a honeymoon spot in Lagos. First, Akwa Ibom is a beautiful place with top-notch tourism and culture. To add to this, it boasts of the rich forest vegetation in Uyo giving room for a breath of fresh air. Also, we noticed that sleeping and waking up in a hotel room could be a bit boring for extroverts. Therefore, the intriguing fact is that you can have your honeymoon and still tour the city of Uyo.

Adventure, of course! this resort is located at Nwaniba Road, Uyo State
You can decide to visit the Ibibio museum which is 35 minutes away.
Also, you can see the Godswill Akpabio international stadium in less than an hour’s drive. The Ibom e-library and hall are also located nearby.

Facilities Available at Le Meridien Resort

Here are the perks of Le Meridien Resort;

  • Outdoor pool
  • Free WiFi
  • Bar and lounge
  • Golf Course
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis Court
  • Restaurant
  • Free buffet from 6:30 am-11 am
  • Business centre
  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • Night club
  • Bicycle rentals

The land of promise has so much love to give you and yours on your honeymoon “staycation”.

Kajuru Castle, Kaduna State.

Kajuru Castle is also another beautiful honeymoon resort to consider in Nigeria. Royals, it is time to take hold of your kingdom. Do you need a private honeymoon destination away from Lagos? A place where you can live large and have all the fun you have dreamed of. Well, you have your castle and with your prince charming or Cinderella, here you go.
The Kajuru Castle has a medieval structure, five bedrooms, a dragon tower, a swimming pool and a royal reception.

kajuru castle kaduna

It is located on a mountain top in Kajuru, Ajure village precisely, Kaduna state. Three hours drive from Abuja is not so remote, Kajuru is well known by all. To get to Kajuru, you can book a flight to Abuja and then join a train to Kaduna. The top fact is that Kajuru castle is an excellent honeymoon destination because it allows just a group at a time.

The concept behind this is to give individuals or groups the private moment they need to have great fun. On the rooftop, there are rooms specially designed for couples to have extra privacy. You would not want to miss the sunrise on the rooftop, where you can take beautiful pictures.
Hiking, adventure, history and culture and more, are what you get at this dream come true destination.
The cost of booking per night is between 250,000 to 350,000 (according to the recent update made on the castle’s website)

Rojenny Tourist Village, Anambra

You probably never had the opportunity to visit the famous Disneyland as a child, wait for it.
Rojenny Tourist Village is a perfect location that has a close resemblance with your favourite wonderland imaginations. Now that you are married and you have a partner on a happily ever after journey, this is the right time to explore.
Rojenny Tourist Village is a man-made tourist attraction located in the SouthEast region of Nigeria. The village was established by Chief Ezeonwuka in 1986 and has attracted thousands of tourists over the years.
It is an adventurous idea for you to have a good time to engage in other activities during your honeymoon. Quite fascinating, the environment is serene and has a natural ambience. With forests and a zoo conserved for tourism, there is enough time to go around and learn about the history of the resort.

Facilities at Rojenny Tourist Village

Likewise, there is a restaurant and a lodge where you can eat international cuisines and relax after a long day. At Rojenny Tourist Village, other offers you can get are:

  • The Memorial Chapel
  • African traditional shrine
  • A mosque
  • English bar
  • Opportunity to tour other sites such as the Ogbunike Cave, Njaba River, Umuahia war museum and the Agulu Lake.
  • Paradise Nite Club
  • Amusement Park
  • Joy ride
  • Lawn tennis courts
  • Olympic-sized swimming pool
  • Basketball courts
  • Volleyball court

A combination of fun, arts, history, culture, tourism and of course adventure is right at your fingertips.

La Manga Luxury Villa, Lagos

La Manga is a luxury village located in the Ilashe area of Lagos. It has become Nollywood’s favourite destination. It is hard to believe that this beautiful resort is located in Nigeria. La Manga also shares borders with the Badagry brook and the famous Atlantic Ocean.
At La Manga, the luxury in its name is exactly what you get.
One of the best offers you can get for your honeymoon relaxation and privacy is at the La Manga luxury villa.

la manga - The Best Place for Honeymoon in Nigeria

Facilities at La Manga Luxury

In addition, the facilities available are;

  • Massage room
  • Beach lounge
  • A Spanish-style oceanfront
  • Volleyball court
  • Barbecue grills
  • Jet ski for hire
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Beach front bamboo canopies
  • Quad bikes (hire)
  • Vip beach lounge
  • Underground dining area

The couple package at La Manga luxury villa starts at 450,000 per night.
A moment to view the blue ocean under the cool breeze should not pass you by. The serene atmosphere and relief facilities are beyond what words can describe.
Take a tour and you will be able to recount your honeymoon experience for years to come.

Kamp Ikare Beach Resort, Lagos

A private getaway for just you and your spouse can leave you with endless options. The truth is, no one can choose a honeymoon destination for you, as you can for yourself.
This is why Kamp Ikaare beach is a part of the top honeymoon destinations in Nigeria.
Ikare beach offers class and style, intimacy and recreation and whatever you must have imagined.
Not to worry, the intimacy is secured because this is a private beach that allows just one booking per time.

kamp ikare places for honeymoon in nigeria

This means that two different groups of people are not allowed into this place at the same time. This is why you need to make up your mind early enough and book ahead.
Different lodge facilities have been made available just for your unique needs. The Kamp Ikaare resort is built with six beach houses that give you a view of the sea.
You can sit back and watch the waves of the ocean rise back and forth.

Facilities at Kamp Ikare Beach

Things to do on your romantic getaway at Kamp resort;

  • Jet skiing
  • Boat cruise
  • Enjoy barbecue grills
  • Swim on the private beach or pool
  • Play volleyball in the pool
  • Eat complimentary breakfast
  • Order local and international cuisines from the world-class restaurant

In conclusion, the Ikaare resort is the best when it comes to privacy because few people have discovered this axis.
However, since you are likely to go on a boat cruise to arrive here directly, it is best if you prepare for this remarkable experience with your beloved.
As of the time, this article was written, the Kamp Ikaare resort costs about 450,000 per night.

La Campagne Tropicana, Lagos

The La Campagne Tropicana has become one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. Lagos is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, hence the availability of several beach resorts. La Campagne Tropicana is one of such magnificence to behold. Placed in the heart of Ibeju, Lekki Lagos State, it is a delightful area when considering honeymoon trips. It is located 2 hours from Lekki Phase 1.
The natural state of this resort gives the privilege of tourism, outdoor activities and relaxation.
For a honeymoon destination at La Campagne, you might consider having a picnic or camp by the beach.
Similarly, you can spend time alone with your bae in an indoor swimming pool provided by the facility.
This 5-star resort is a great place to be for lovers of nature, animals and plants inclusive. Mangrove forest dwellers, such as the egrets, kingfishers, squirrels, monkeys and so on are found at the resort.
Apart from these, the resort provides spacious and luxurious rooms for your honeymoon.
Given a blend of traditional African culture and reception, you can not go wrong with this destination in the plan.

la campagne tropicama

Facilities at The La Campagne Tropicana

Further impressive services include;

  • An Olympic-sized pool
  • Table tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Spa
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Course
  • Bicycle riding
  • Bar at the end of the pool
  • Badminton
  • A parking space

This space is made to suit your needs and provide you with a lifetime experience you will never forget in a hurry.

Oguta Lake Holiday Complex, Imo State

A historical site in Oguta town is available for your honeymoon affair.
Newly married and residing in the East or hoping to travel, here is a blend of tourism and history too. It is located in Oguta, a thick oil palm forest plantation in Imo. The Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in Imo state.
A honeymoon trip is meant to be a time to learn new ways to love your partner. Well, the holiday complex is here to show you how. There is a spectacular spot on the lake where two rivers meet. The Bluewater and the mucky Urashi River. This river gives a mind-blowing perspective on creation. At this point, you will get to see two different colours flowing out of a river, yet it does not mix up.
To add to this, you can schedule your sightseeing, so you do not miss out on the essence of your honeymoon- bond. Just because you have to see this awesome mystery yourself, I will leave you with this.

oguta lake

Facilities at Oguta Lake

Things you can do during your honeymoon at Oguta Holiday Complex:

  • Boat ride
  • Swim in the lake
  • Take pictures
  • Learn about nature
  • Visit the golf course
  • Tour the resort with your partner
  • Eat tasty meals at the restaurant

You can begin to plan your trip to Oguta resort from now.

The Whispering Palms Badagry

Whispering Palms is also another best place for a honeymoon in Nigeria. Whispering palms used to be number one on the list of top honeymoon destinations for many years. It is located in the Badagry area of Lagos. It is made up of trees that give you a feel of the Caribbean islands. Astonishing sunrise and sunset views from the windows of your bedroom and within its environs are also top features.
The Whispering Palms, Badagry has been an all-time spot for getaways, excursions and honeymoons in Nigeria. The reason for this is not far-fetched. A feeling of “the abroad” here in your local area must not be missed for anything. A great way to get started is by relaxing under the tall palm trees or cruising in the boats.

Whichever way you choose, you can as well enjoy other perks, they are:
• A visit to the whispering palms museum
• Sipping a coconut drink from the coconut dispensary
•An outdoor restaurant and bar to serve your needs
• Gym and recreational facilities.

It is also a budget destination, to book a lodge at Whispering Palms, it is between 40,000- 85,000 Naira per night, depending on your preferences.

Inagbe Grand Resort

Inagbe Grand Resort is one of the popular honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. It is one of the resorts in Lagos. Inagbe Grand Resort was founded by the Ooni of Ife. It is the perfect honeymoon destination in Nigeria because it has a lagoon view and a sea view. Inagbe Grand Resort gives you an experience of both worlds. It is located within a few metres from Ilashe beach resort.

Facilities at Inagbe Grand Resort

  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Mini Golf course
  • Beach
  • Lagoon

Obudu Mountain Resort

Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in Nigeria. It has beautiful mountain views, lovely valleys, and cascading waterfalls far from the city hustle. It has become the couple’s favourite dream destination. Obudu has become one of the most romantic destinations in Nigeria. It is made up of standard rooms, executive chalets, huts and presidential suites.

Facilities Available Obudu Mountain Resort

  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants
  • 9 Hole golf course
  • Gym
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Sightseeing
  • Hiking
  • Spa Cable Car
  • Canopy walk

Almat Farms Abuja

Almat Farms is a beautiful resort located in Abuja. It is built on 100 acres of green land. It has become one of the top honeymoon spots in Nigeria. Almat farm is a combination of a mechanized farm, ranch and resort. It offers several recreational facilities.

Facilities at Almat Farms

  • Swimming pool
  • Zoo
  • Volleyball
  • Horse Ranch
  • Hiking
  • Polo Football
  • Tennis
  • Picnics
  • Camping
  • Snooker
  • Horse Riding
  • Quad Bike Riding
  • Board Games

In conclusion, the top honeymoon destinations in Nigeria have been selected from all regions of the country. North, East, South and West locations in the country all have an offer for your love tour.

It is in your best interest to work out a budget and start your preparations in advance. You do not have to wait till the wedding ceremony is over before you schedule your honeymoon. Doing this early will give you a variety of options and help you avoid the disappointment of not getting your desired destination.

Best wishes on your love journey.



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