Tourist Attractions in Vanuatu

Volcanic activity, both terrestrial and sub-oceanic breathe the life out of this archipelagic country consisting of 83 islands, spanning the whole of 1,300 km from your two outermost islands, north to south. Those 83 may soon be joined by other islands yet-to-sprout looking at the continual volcanic upheavals. Indeed, earthquakes and an occasional spewing of scalding ash and lava from the principle island active volcano, Lopevi have been part of the inhabitants daily staple. But they’re undeterred, being solid in their faith in God for the Christian faith among the inhabitants is strong. They are also guided by a set of mores called “kastom” – a collection of traditional conventional and customary beliefs associated with the most part of their daily living.

There are several resorts found on the various islands of Vanuatu. Most popular among them is Le Lagon, that has been operating for the last 30 years. Others include Iririki Island, Erakor Island Resort, Nirvana Resor and Poppys on the Lagoon.

An indispensable section of the Vanuatu experience will be the partaking on the traditional conventional dish with the native inhabitants. They would even gladly offer the visitor generous samplings of their native food like Lap-Lap, Tuluk, and their native steak, which by the way very much renowned for its different taste as it is naturally grown. Vanuatu meat is prized indeed by neighboring countries and regions. There is also the Kava, the native brew which is somewhat intoxicating but not quite as effective as conventional alcoholic drinks.

Walking around the vicinity from the capital of Port Vila to savor the scenery and the volcanic formations is perfectly safe, for there are no potentially dangerous snakes, insects and other animals lurking around. Yet, one need to take the required precaution when swimming or snorkeling for there are poisonous aquatic snakes around and also the potentially lethal stonefish.

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