What is the Average Size of a Limo? And What Types are Available?


Limousines vary widely when it comes to their sizes. A smaller limo has a maximum seating capacity of two, with the larger limos carrying as many as 18 people at a go. The brand and the occasion at hand will significantly influence the size of the limo you should choose.

For more information on prom and wedding limos, make sure to check out this New Jersey limo website. So, what’s the average size of a limo, and what types are available for lease? Read on to learn more!

1956 Excalibur Classic

Maximum Seating Capacity: 2

If you’re in the market for a limo that not only offers a luxurious ride but has plenty of space, look no further than the 1956 Excalibur Classic. The vintage limo comes with an excellent exterior design that easily distinguishes it from standard town cars and stretch limos. 

It’s the perfect limo for proms and weddings.

Cadillac Escalade

Maximum Seating Capacity: 18 for weddings and 24 for proms

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The Cadillac Escalade featuring a double axle can seat up to 18 adult passengers attending a wedding and up to 24 passengers when heading for a prom. It features a unique designed VIP area in its limo and upgraded chrome wheels.

You’ll love its elegant amenities, disco floor, and surround sound system. Its increased capacity and breathtaking design make it the perfect limo for large parties, e.g., club, wedding, or birthday party in New Jersey.

Ford Expedition

Maximum Seating Capacity: 14 for weddings and 16 for proms 

Luxury doesn’t have to prove expensive, especially when it comes to limos. The Ford Expedition allows you to enjoy a luxurious ride that will easily impress anyone travelling in it. It features a spacious interior with elegant seating and can seat up to 14 wedding-goers. 

It’s considered the best choice for bachelor parties, nights out in New Jersey town, proms, and weddings. The fact that it comes in varying colours also makes this limo special, not forgetting that it’s cheaper than the much larger Cadillac Escalade.

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Hummer H2 Limos

Maximum Seating Capacity: 14 passengers for all occasions 

What comes to mind when you spot a hummer limo on the streets of New Jersey? The Hummer Limo is beloved for its iconic status. It’s the limo you’ll want to hire when you intend to make a grand entrance where all eyes will be on you and your entourage.

Apart from their large size, the limos come with many other special features guaranteeing that every one of the 14 passengers on board will have a great time. Hummer limos are recommended for night-outs, proms, and weddings. 

Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limousines

The Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limos are in a class of their own. They are renowned for their comfortable, smooth rides, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to party as you arrive at your destination. 

Unlike the other limos mentioned here, the seating capacity for the Lincoln Navigator can vary depending on the number of passengers, destination, and size. 

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As seen above, there is no standard size for the limo. It all comes down to the event you want to attend, the number of people travelling with you, your budget, and the kind of entrance you want to make. 

Make sure to research widely before settling on any one model. 

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