Why Norwegian Cruise Line: 10 Convincing Reasons


Are you thinking of booking a Norwegian cruise? Is Norwegian a good cruise line? Why Norwegian Cruise Line? Here are 10 reasons to book a Norwegian Cruise for your next cruise vacation.

If you have been following our blog for some time, it’s no surprise that we are fans of the Norwegian Cruise Line. We have sailed with NCL multiple times and almost always have had a great experience.

From staying in the Haven on the Norwegian Getaway to our latest Bermuda cruise on the Norwegian Joy, they have all been fun and fabulous sailings with NCL. While we didn’t love our sail with Norwegian Epic, we didn’t let that stop us from booking another Norwegian cruise down the line.

From their Freestyle Cruising concept to their great entertainment options, Norwegian has a lot to offer cruisers. Plus, they make it affordable to cruise without breaking the bank.

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Why Norwegian Cruise Line?

Yes! Norwegian Cruise Line is a great option for cruisers looking for a relaxed and comfortable cruise vacation. Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising concept allows guests to dine when they want, dress how they want, and enjoy their cruise vacation on their terms.

Is Norwegian a good cruise line?

Yes! Norwegian is built with the modern cruiser in mind. They offer new ships with innovative features and plenty of activities and entertainment to keep guests of all ages happy.

What is the Norwegian Cruise Line famous for?

Norwegian Cruise Line is famous for its Freestyle Cruising concept and innovative ships. Most recently, they are known as the first cruise ship to offer a race track at sea with their new vessels, Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy.

Why Norwegian Cruise Line

If you’re thinking of taking a cruise vacation, Norwegian Cruise Line may be the ideal option for you. Is Norwegian a good cruise line? Why Norwegian Cruise Line? Here are 10 reasons to book a Norwegian Cruise.

1. Freestyle Cruising

Why Norwegian Cruise Line? One of the top reasons to book a Norwegian cruise is their Freestyle Cruising concept. That reason alone drives us to book with them.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the pioneer of Freestyle Cruising. This means there are no set dining times or required formal nights onboard their ships.

You can dine when you want and where you want. And there are plenty of dining options to choose from.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a more relaxed cruise vacation, in the sense that you don’t want to worry about what you’re wearing or set dining times.

2. Dress Code

relaxing on a cruise ship

The freestyle cruising includes the laidback dress code. You don’t have to pack formal wear for a Norwegian cruise.

On most nights, the dress code is casual. However, there is one night, usually the first full day of cruising, when they have “Norwegian’s Night Out,” which gives you a choice to dress up a little. However, it is not mandatory.

This is still pretty relaxed, and you can get away with wearing shorts for dinner.

So, if you don’t want to worry about packing formal wear, Norwegian is a great option. It’s so easy to pack when you go on a Norwegian cruise.

If you plan to eat at a couple of their specialty restaurants, they will probably require long pants/jeans and no tank tops for men. Still, though, it is a laidback experience throughout the cruise.

3. Entertainment and Onboard Activities

Entertainment on NCL

The entertainment onboard Norwegian cruise ships are top-notch. It’s an integral part of the cruising experience. It’s one of the main reasons we always go back to cruising on Norwegian.

There is something playing at the theater every night, from actual Broadway shows and comedians to acrobatic performances. And the best part is that most of the entertainment is included in your cruise fare.

Norwegian is the way to go if you’re looking for a cruise line with great entertainment.

Onboard Activities on NCL

Norwegian Cruise Line has a lot to offer regarding onboard activities. Not only are their ships packed with fun cruise activities like water slides, go-karts, arcade games, and laser tag, but they also have competitions, trivia, games like Deal or No Deal, and Bingo.

In almost every corner of their ship, something is going on. The cruise director and his/her team always host different activities day and night. That includes the themed parties that they have every night of the cruise.

So, if you’re looking for a cruise ship that has a lot to offer in terms of onboard activities, Norwegian is a great option.

4. Great Value for the Money

Norwegian Cruise Line is your best bet if you want a budget-friendly cruise without sacrificing quality. While they aren’t the cheapest cruise line out there, they offer a lot of value for the price.

They are one of the mid-pricing cruise lines that offer a lot of inclusions without being too expensive yet giving you that resort-style feel.

Some other cruise lines may be cheaper, but you sacrifice quality. So, if you’re looking for an affordable cruise without sacrificing quality, Norwegian is a great option.

Plus, they often have sales and promotions making their cruises even more affordable.

5. Accommodations

Norwegian Cruise Line has a great variety of accommodations to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a basic inside cabin or a luxurious suite, Norwegian has you covered.

They even have accommodations specifically designed for families and those with special needs. You can even find cabins for solo travelers.

And, what we love the most about the cruise cabins is their modern and sleek designs, unlike other cruise ships that keep their cabin designs uniformly blah, with their blanched wood features.

Although, newer ships are starting to follow Norwegian’s lead and thinking outside the standard cabin plans to give it more of a resort feel.

Have you checked out the new Norwegian Prima cruise ship?

The Haven by Norwegian is a ship-within-a-ship concept that offers an exclusive and luxurious cruise experience. You pay a pretty penny to enjoy those amenities offered in the Haven.

6. Great for Solo Travelers

Norwegian Cruise Line caters to solo travelers.

We’ve met many solo travelers throughout cruises, cruising on their own. They always say that NCL is the best cruise line for solo travelers.

Many Norwegian Ships have designed studio cabins for solo travelers with a common area within the ship that is accessible only to those passengers. These are single occupancy cabins with no single supplement fee.

Norwegian also offers a great selection of events and activities for solo travelers where they can get together and meet other cruisers traveling solo.

We met an older couple on the Norwegian Joy that met years ago on a Norwegian Cruise traveling solo and staying in these solo cabins. Now they cruise and travel together.

Norwegian Cruise Line should definitely be on your radar if you’re a solo traveler.

7. Variety of Dining Options

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a variety of dining options.

One thing we love about cruising with NCL is that there are so many different types dining available, including buffets or specialty restaurants- all at your leisure!

The only downside? You have to pay an extra charge for specialty restaurants. However, their specialties can be worth it if you enjoy trying new things while on vacation.

Eating at their specialty restaurant Le Bistro is one of the many reasons we book a Norwegian Cruise sometimes. You may think we’re crazy, but we dream of their dessert – île Flottante.

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8. Norwegian’s Free-At-Sea Promotions

pina colada sitting on cruise ship pool chair

Norwegian Cruise Line is almost always running Free-at-Sea promotions.

For those of you who don’t know, their Free-At-Sea promotion is where they offer a certain number of free perks when you book a cruise with them. The number of free perks you get depends on the category of room you book and the cruise length.

Sometimes, they’ll include all the free-at-sea perks with your booking, and it’s the best time to book.

The free perks include a free beverage package, specialty dining (2 dinners) package, free shore excursions, a free spa credit, and more. Others enjoy it when free gratuities are included.]

One of the biggest savers is when they have the 3rd and 4th guests free promotion.

If you’re looking to book a cruise and get the most bang for your buck, we recommend waiting for Norwegian to release their Free-At-Sea promotion. You can always find their current Free-At-Sea promotion on Norwegian’s website.

The downside is that you still have to pay gratuities/service fees for the “free” beverage package and specialty dining.

The specialty dining package comes out to a small service fee, which is worth the value.

For the beverage package, we recommend calculating the number of drinks you’ll have during your cruise and seeing if it will be of value to you. We don’t drink much alcohol, so we would rather take the service fee and spend it on the cruise as we see fit. But it is still a great promotion for those who love having a few fruity cocktails.

Read everything you need to know about NCL Free at Sea Promotion.

9. Designed for Everyone

Having cruised on other cruise lines that seem to cater to certain demographics and types of travelers, we love that the Norwegian Cruise Line caters to everyone.

Their cruises are meant for families with or without kids, honeymooners looking for a romantic escape, solo travelers wanting to get away on their own, and vacationers looking to have a good time.

The way Norwegian is set up, you can plan the vacation you want. You can be as social or anti-social as you want, and no one will judge you. You can enjoy their major ship’s activities or find solace in one of their quiet areas. Take advantage of their specialty restaurant or eat a the buffet every day.

The choice is yours.

How you spend your time on a cruise is always your choice. However, many cruise ships are not built to accommodate families, solo travelers, or those looking for a modern-luxury cruise for half the cost. For example, some don’t have waterslides and activities for kids, studio cabins for solo travelers, or multiple dining options.

There is no pretense on the Norwegian Cruise Line. Just good old fashion fun with modern conveniences and a touch of luxury.

In the past few years, Norwegian has stepped it up to create a cruise experience that everyone can enjoy.

We always say they are a good in-between compared to other major cruise lines.

10. Itineraries

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a wide variety of itineraries to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a long vacation, they have an itinerary for you.

One of their most popular reasons to book a Norwegian cruise is their Hawaii itinerary with the Pride of America cruise ship. The itinerary is a year-round cruise that covers the most popular Hawaiian islands in 7 days.

What makes it popular is the fact that the home port is Honolulu. You do not have to sail from the United States West Coast for 4-5 sea days before reaching your first port of call. In 7 days on the Pride of America, you can visit Oahu, Maui, Hilo, Kona, and Kauai.

NCL also has many other popular cruise itineraries like Bermuda, Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, and more.

The Biggest Downside of Cruising with Norwegian

Norwegian Cruise Line may be our cruise line of choice for now, but we are not blind to nickel and diming. They charge you for many extras throughout the ship, certain foods, specialty coffee (Starbucks), and room service when other cruise lines may just include it in the cost of the cruise fares.

Even the service fees on their “free-at-sea” promotions are a controversial topic. Is it really “free.” In reality, they should probably just roll it into the price of the cruise. But they do give cruisers the chance to save that money.

That said, it doesn’t deter us or others from booking a Norwegian Cruise. Most of it is stuff that is not something that breaks or makes our cruise experience.

Choosing a cruise line to cruise with is just as important as the itinerary.  Hopefully, this post answers why Norwegian Cruise Line makes for a great cruise vacation. And it has given you some reasons to book a Norwegian Cruise the next time you research cruises.

After reading this list, you may decide that NCL is not your cruise line. That’s okay, too. There are plenty of cruise lines out there that will fit what you’re looking for.

Have you cruised with NCL? Is Norwegian a good cruise Line? What do you love about cruising Norwegian? Let us know in the comments!

Wondering if it’s difficult to plan the cruise? Don’t worry, we have you covered there as well. You can check out how to prepare for a cruise next.

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